Guest Speakers

Occasionally we are privileged to have guests bring God’s message to our congregation.

We have set aside this page on our website to make these sermons available.

1 Sam 21:10-22:2    Brother Richard Smitley     10-26-2014

Introducing Missouri Baptist Childrens Home   Brother  James Morrow    4-12-2015

The Days of Johoiada    Brother Bernie Davis  9-13-2015

What is Your Purpose?  Dr. David Claybrook   9-20-2015

Gary Leu Deacon Ordination Service    Pastor Harold Hendrick   1-24-2016

Personal Testimony  Wes Webb    5-22-2016

Psalm 29   Brother Bernie Davis   7-10-2016

Psalm 51  Brother Bernie Davis    8-14-2016

Who Are the Gideons?   Brother Bob Lord   4-9-2017

How Long, O Lord?    Brother Pat Panepinto   5-21-17

Testimony: Roll of a Godly Wife in Marriage  Sister Melody   10-8-2017

The Centurion  Brother David Rubemeyer    7-29-2018

Dealing With Assurance Brother Derek Aholt speaking to the CBC Teens and Young Adults  11-2-2018

Doing What it Takes   Brother B.T. Clemmons   11-18-2018

Missionary to Czechoslovakia  Melissa Wells   12-16-2018